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Jul 25th
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CBL's Harris and Hutchison withdraw objection to liquidation

CBL Corp directors Peter Harris and Alistair Hutchison say they didn't oppose an action heard in the Auckland High Court today to liquidate the company. The firm's main operating subsidiary, CBL Insurance, was placed in liquidation last November with the Reserve Bank's counsel, Nathan Gedye, QC,....

Nearly 100,000 coal miners at risk of losing pension money by 2022 Source: Cox Media Group

WASHINGTON, D.C. Dave Dilly of Fresno, Ohio, near Coshocton, spent 19 years in the coal mine, but in recent years, he’s taken on a new responsibility: during those years. Dilly is one of nearly 100,000 coal miners who are at risk of losing all or part of their pensions by 2022 sooner if more coal companies declare bankruptcy.

Teva is at centre of drug price fixing case filed by US states

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd helped mastermind a sweeping conspiracy among generic drugmakers to raise the price of medicines, according to a new antitrust lawsuit filed by states that stems from a five-year investigation of the companies. Teva’s stock plunged the most in three months.

Getting Ahead

Lucas Yatch has joined A&E Architects, an established design firm with offices located in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, and Kalispell, Montana, and Seattle, Washington, as a designer. Yatch holds a bachelor of science in environmental design and a Master of Architecture from Montana State University.

Pompeo Heading To Moscow, Sochi To Raise 'Aggressive' Russian Actions

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is heading to Russia -- his first as the top U.S. diplomat -- for talks with President Vladimir Putin amid persistent tensions between the two countries. The talks will be the highest-level formal discussions held between U.S.

Putschists’ counterrevolution continues full-fledged under the Transitional Military Council in Sudan

. By Mahmoud A. Suleiman. The Impasse of the Sudanese Revolution is a ttributable to the Transitional Military Council’s Delay and deliberate procrastination i n addition to the lack of coordination between the components of the Forces for Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC).


How crop insurance can help farmers recover after extreme weather events. A rape victim should not have to give her statement to a male magistrate. A ritual mouthing of platitudes will no longer be enough. PA can be a valuable tool for managing employees. Cyber-criminals are playing the same old tricks using new channels.

France's 'yellow vests' protest in dwindling numbers, some clashes

NANTES, France (Reuters) - French police fired tear gas in skirmishes with masked demonstrators in Lyon and Nantes on Saturday, the 26th straight weekend of “yellow vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his economic reform agenda. In Nantes, black-hooded demonstrators on the fringes....

Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

More than a hundred Cubans chanting “long live a diverse Cuba” and carrying rainbow flags joyfully marched nearly one kilometre (0.6 mile) from Havana’s Central Park down to the seafront boulevard before being stopped by dozens of security officials. At least three activists were arrested by....

Scan bills that curtail rights of sub-national govts: Speaker

Kathmandu, May 11. Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara directed the Parliament Secretariat not to forward bills to the Parliament that could prevent sub-national governments from exercising powers explicitly defined by the constitution. Speaker Mahara gave the instruction in response to a request made by Province 5 Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel.

Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

HAVANA: Cuba n gay rights activists held an unauthorized independent pride parade in Havana on Saturday despite the Communist government warning against it and calling it subversive, an unprecedented show of civil society in the one-party state. More than a hundred Cuba ns chanting “long live a....

Britain’s richest ‘seek to protect wealth from Corbygeddon’

The prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government is leading Britain’s richest to move assets and businesses overseas, according to reports. Theresa May’s Conservative Party would be on course for its lowest vote share in history at 19% according to a poll in a Sunday newspaper, while Labour would become the largest party by 137 seats.

Binance-Backed Crypto Bank Appoints Deutsche Bank Executive as New CEO Cointelegraph

Tip: Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. Binance-Backed Crypto Bank Appoints Deutsche Bank Executive as New CEO -based Founders Bank has appointed former executive of as its new CEO, according to a report on May 9. by major global , Founders Bank plans to assist....

Can This Marriage Be Saved? Chinese-U.S. Integration Frays

By Greg Ip and Yoko Kubota. The sudden deterioration of trade talks between the U.S. and China this week has raised the prospect of a once-unimaginable rupture between the world's two largest economies. Whether talks ultimately yield a deal, the decadeslong integration of the two economies appears....

RYU Apparel : Reports 52% Increase in 2018 4th Quarter Revenue and 67% Increase in 2018 Full Year Revenue

Fourth quarter 2018 results included additional revenue from the Company's new retail locations in Williamsburg Brooklyn in New York City , and CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. The fourth quarter of 2018 is RYU's thirteenth quarter of increasing revenue and of increasing gross profit.

Want to see a reused Falcon 9 rocket booster from SpaceX? You'll be able to this summer in Houston

A space shuttle replica held aloft by the original plane used to transport these vehicles across the country, oft times blots out the sun as you drive through Space Center Houston’s parking lot. It’s the first thing you see upon entering the complex a mammoth piece of history welcoming you into the....

Government to start dialogue in Cameroon's restive ...

Protesters wave Ambazonian flags as they move forward towards barricades and police amid tear gas in the English-speaking city of Bamenda, Cameroon, on October 1 2017. Image: Reuters. Cameroon's prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute arrived Thursday in Bamenda, capital of the restive anglophone....

TIMES SELECT TODAY | What election really tells us about SA | Sue de Groot, Tom Eaton & Darrel Bristow-Bovey

The electoral commission (IEC) said it expected South Africans to be honest at the voting stations, as 19 cases of ‘duplicate voting’ in KZN are being investigated by the police. IEC's deputy chief executive officer Mawethu Mosery said the commission did not expect South Africans to resort to criminal activities on election day.

Economies, Vol. 7, Pages 35: Gender and Comparative Advantage: Feminist–Heterodox Theorizing about Globalization

Abstract Heterodox feminist scholars have argued that global trade patterns reflect patterns of competitive advantagerather than comparative advantageand that that competitive advantage is gendered. Further, they have suggested that we need more theoretical and empirical scholarship in this area.

Candida auris superfungus should be deemed a public health emergency, Sen. Schumer says

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer urges the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to declare the spread of Candida auris an emergency. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert. Sen. Chuck Schumer urged the federal government to declare a public health emergency as a deadly, multidrug-resistant....

CARTOON: Malema and the media

Taxation of big tech is a headache worldwide, but emphasising targeted advertising may be the way to go, writes Leonid Bershidsky. Media freedom in SA is regarded as guaranteed but fragile and the country's position in an international ranking has slipped.

3 Hacks You Can Use to Pay an Unexpected Tax Bill

That was my experience a couple of years back. While I wasn't expecting a refund per se, and I knew that I'd probably end up owing some money on my taxes, I was shocked when I realized just how many thousands of dollars I was on the hook for. Thankfully, I managed to pay off my bill in full, because....

Good News For People Worried About Retirement

But if you adjust your retirement lifestyle to fit your savings, you may feel more financially stable even if your savings aren't quite where you expected them to be. Retirement may also prove to be a good opportunity to scale back and live within your means.

Pompeo To Tell Lavrov 'Russians Must Get Out' Of Venezuela

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pressed for Russia to “get out” of Venezuela, while his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, called on Washington to "abandon its irresponsible plans" in the Latin American country. Pompeo and Lavrov spoke on May 5, ahead of their expected meeting in Finland this....

AMEC Association of Mining and Exploration Compa : President passes the torch

3 May 2019. After ten years in the role, AMEC's well known and widely respected President, Mr Will Robinson, has stepped down from the role, passing the torch to newly elected President, Mr Peter Bradford. Over this period, Mr Robinson has led the Association through some extremely challenging....

Westpac’s ‘disappointing’ profit slide

The major lender said it had put aside $617 million to cover customer refunds and other costs related to the fallout of the widespread inquiry into the sector. The company’s profit for the six months to March 31 was down to $3.296 billion. The royal commission also pressured the major lenders to....

Tales from the Coffeeshop: Delayed resignations and all-round nastiness

RESIGNATION by public demand premiered last week, with Justice Minister Ionas Nicoalou grudgingly stepping down in order to silence the crowd demanding his head over the police failure to adequately investigate reports of missing women. Ionas resigned “for reasons of political ethics alone,” making....

Fact-checking Doug Ford: We analyze his claims on class sizes, math and student protests

Ontario’s provincial government is shaking up the province’s schools with a whirlwind of changes. Larger classes. Back to basics math. Mandatory online courses in high school. More emphasis on STEM and skilled trades. A ban on cellphones. Over the last few weeks, Premier Doug Ford has turned to some....

Libya coast guard detains 113 migrants during lull in fighting

SULAIMANI The Libyan coast guard has stopped 113 migrants trying to reach Italy over the past two days, the United Nations said on Wednesday (May 1), as boat departures resume following a lull in fighting between rival forces in Libya. The western Libyan coast is a major departure point for mainly....

A Supplier Was Delivering Faulty Material to NASA For 20 Years And Falsifying Their Reports

After a lengthy investigation, NASA has finally pinned down the reason two science missions failed to launch. A supplier had been sending faulty aluminium for rocket parts - after fraudulently altering test results and falsifying certifications. The supplier was Sapa Profiles, Inc.

Now for the $55 million question: what does Clive Palmer actually want?

As head of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer is no classic right-winger nor crotchety conservative. He is no angel either. He is often wrongly lumped in with Pauline Hanson and One Nation, and maybe even with the more recent retreads like Fraser Anning and Cory Bernardi. But he is not like them.
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