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Mar 28th
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Rarely-used Student Court to rule on Daily Nebraskan funding fight

Hartman, a senior ag economics major from Imperial, wrote to his fellow student senators on March 13 his veto did not strike the Daily Nebraskan’s budget -- “only the $20,000 which was amended and added” by ASUN on March 8. But a day after the veto override failed, the newspaper filed a complaint....

Exclusive interview | Paulo Malo: Health can be ‘bigger than shopping’

C hina contributed 20 percent to the gross revenue of the entire Malo Clinic Group in 2016, second only to Portugal (57 percent). The founder and president of the group, Paulo Malo, is adamant about Macau’s role in developing his greater China and Asian empire: “To be honest, I would never ever in....

Millennial-style video gaming could be next casino offering

A new form of gaming might be poised to enter Macau’s casinos in the near future, blending traditional video gaming with betting opportunities. Video game gambling machines (VGM), spearheaded in the U.S. by New York-based firm GameCo, might serve as a calling card to younger, gambling-averse....

Afghan villagers' lawyer says more information supports need for an inquiry

The lawyer acting for Afghan villagers who allege they are the innocent victims of a Defence Force action says he has more information to present that is relevant to calls for an inquiry. In a letter to Prime Minister Bill English and Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, supplied to the media, lawyer....

Queensland mines, ports brace as Cyclone Debbie nears

A central Queensland gold mine has invited locals in to take shelter from Cyclone Debbie while others evacuate staff and regional ports wait to assess any damage from the category four storm. Resolute Mining allowed staff at its Ravenswood Mine, west of Cape Upstart near where the powerful category....

On The Rocks Now delivers cigarettes in under one hour

An Auckland company is delivering cigarettes to disabled customers' homes in under one hour as a show of "love towards them". On The Rocks Now is an alcohol home delivery company that launched in early February. The company also delivers fast food, including McDonalds , and cigarettes to homes in central Auckland suburbs between 7am and 11pm.

Aussie-style mining camp in Kaikoura to house 300 workers

Kaikoura is to get an Australian-style working camp, common in the mining industry, to house up to 300 workers. The accommodation base, expected to be up and running by mid-May, will be run by the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery alliance, and will house personnel working on the....

Vocus sells Macquarie Telecom shares for AU$41m

Vocus Communications has announced selling its 16 percent stake in Macquarie Telecom, offloading 3,358,511 MAQ shares at a price of AU$12.20 per share for a total of around AU$41 million. Vocus sold 100 percent of its interest in Macquarie Telecom to both institutional and retail shareholders via a....

SDGs should not be the icing on business-as-usual 'cake'

The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is convening the 4th session of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD 2017) from 29 to 31 March 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand. The APFSD is expected to define a regional roadmap to support member States' implementation of the 2030 Agenda over the next 15 years.

Sears is having a huge sale on almost everything

— Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives. Sears may not be long for this world.

What does 'sex positive' mean? Your questions, answered

Sex positive. It’s a term that’s been adopted and broadcast by celebrities, feminists and activists alike over the past few years. Joining the ranks are Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Ilana Glazer, to name just a few of the celebrities opening up dialogue about sex. But sex positivity isn’t just another buzzword to look up on Urban Dictionary.

Trump signs four bills to roll back Obama-era regulations

Promising to "remove every job-killing regulation we can find," Trump said even more regulation-cutting bills were on the way. The resolutions of disapproval reached the president's desk through the Congressional Review Act, a rarely used tool that allows Congress to fast-track a bills to reverse regulations.

My Turn: McCain can stop cuts to seniors' health care

The future of Medicare and Medicaid may depend on John McCain. He is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who could serve as a firewall against harmful changes to this crucial program that Arizona seniors rely upon. The GOP’S American Health Care Act would have cut $880 billion from Medicaid. To his credit, Sen.

Notley and Wall square off over whose budget is better

The war over which province’s budget is better continues to rage between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Alberta premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall have been trading barbs back and forth since last week. Notley called out Wall for creating a deficit budget of $1.3 billion that involved raising taxes while Alberta’s budget created at $10.

Former police chief says marijuana legislation will make it ‘tougher’ for youth to buy

Toronto MP and former police chief Bill Blair says new legislation around marijuana in Canada will stop youth purchasing marijuana from those involved in organized crime. The federal government has announced plans to introduce new legislation by April 20 – better known as the national holiday for marijuana users, 4/20.

Construction industry concerned about legal pot

High times are coming to Canada. Sources tell CTV News the Federal Government plans to introduce legislation by April 20th to legalize marijuana, with it becoming legal by Canada Day 2018. "We do not have legislation tabled yet, so I don't want to prejudge what that legislation is going to look like," said Federal Health Minister Jane Philpot.

Families of missing, murdered women fear being left out of inquiry

Sue Caribou is concerned that not all families who want to participate in the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls will get to do so. Last week, she received a fax from the inquiry. She said it was the first contact she’s had in a month.

Permalink to First civilians reported killed in west Colombia war between guerrillas and paramilitaries

Colombian authorities on Monday reported the first civilian casualties of an ongoing war between According to Human Rights watch, the community in the small township of El Carra in San Juan Litoral, Choco was caught in the cross fire between ELN guerrillas and AGC paramilitaries, two drug....

Why Medellin needs a Pablo Escobar museum

. Rather than whining about rapper Wiz Khalifa taking pictures at ‘s grave, Medellin must accept its past and dedicate a museum to the slain drug lord. Because, let’s be honest, Escobar is the only significant phenomenon in the entire history of my city and Khalifa is among the majority of tourists with an expressed interest in learning about it.

Turks in Germany warned over surveillance from Ankara: report

News Turks in Germany warned over surveillance from Ankara: report. German states are warning some expatriate residents that Turkey is spying or secretly filming them, a media report says. A leading German politician has accused Ankara of staging "a coup on democracy.

Turks in Germany warned over surveillance from Ankara: report

News Turks in Germany warned over surveillance from Ankara: report. German states are warning some expatriate residents that Turkey is spying or secretly filming them, a media report says. A leading German politician has accused Ankara of staging "a coup on democracy.

Fake FB account not ours, Radio Free Asia says

The status update, which sported the RFA Khmer logo, presented fabricated statistics from a purported NGO called the “International Organization on Civil Rights for Democracy”, and claimed that “CPP support is rising over the CNRP”, said Sochea Metta Yeang, an editor at RFA Khmer.

RCAF truck transporting timber to garment factory kills woman

The truck, which according to police was at fault, sped off to its destination, SL Garments, where it delivered its logs to fuel the company’s furnaces. Vanna died immediately. A journalist at the scene informed her family after finding a school-fees receipt for the eldest of the 28-year-old’s two daughters, aged 9.

Push to reduce chemical dependency

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to develop a procedural framework for the trade and use of biological control agents (BCAs) in agriculture in an effort to improve crop yields, protect consumer health and ensure continued access to key export markets.

Super Duper to branch out

Super Duper, a Western-styled 24-hour supermarket that first launched in early 2015, is planning to open its second branch in June in response to a strong demand for clean wide aisles and a vast array of local and imported grocery products, including hard-to-find items, a company executive said yesterday.

Body dismisses ‘Death Knell for Democracy’ report, suggests Nobel for Hun Sen

The ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights’ (APHR) Death Knell for Democracy report last week called the government’s systematic use of the judiciary and the National Assembly to target the opposition an attempt to dismantle democratic principles in the country.

Florida House won't count computer coding as foreign language for high school students

Instead, a House subcommittee on Monday passed an amended version of HB 265 that removes any mention of foreign languages and focuses more on how the state Department of Education can better promote computer science learning in Florida's public schools.

Five inexpensive tips for increasing your home's value

Climbing house prices seem to scare people but houses are relatively more affordable today than they were in 1990, it’s actually interest-rate risk that’s the bigger problem for first home buyers. New commercial plots can now only be sold to enterprises, public entities and social organisations,....

Average ACT electricity bill to rise by $191 per year under draft ruling from ICRC

Electricity bills for the average Canberra household are set to rise by about $3.70 per week from July 1, under a draft determination by the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC). Power prices are likely to increase by 10.9 per cent, although possibly more, following recommendations by the independent regulator.

Myer in the dark over share raid

Become a The Age member today. Create your account now! Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Myer chief Richard Umbers. Photo: Paul Jeffers In a statement to the Australian Stock....

Govt seeking insolvency law reforms

The Turnbull government wants to introduce new insolvency laws to provide breathing room for directors in hard times to enable them to try and turn around their business. Releasing draft legislation for discussion on Tuesday, Revenue and Financial Services Minister Kelly O'Dwyer says the aim is to....
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